Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brent and Katie Wedding

I was excited to be taking Brent and Katie's wedding photography. We first met Brent and Katie back in the fall of '08 when we photographed his brother's wedding. So it was nice to see all of their family again.

We traveled to the north side of Indianapolis to First Meridian Heights Presbyterian Church. It was a beautiful sunny day...until you stepped outside and got hit with the heat and humidity. We didn't let that phase us though. We still got some fantastic pictures! Brent and Katie make a beautiful couple!

We got things started with Brent and his groomsmen. They were a funny group of guys, and very easy to work with.

I love the ceiling in this church.

Just after I took this picture, a bee tried to land on the flower on Brent's jacket. Hilarity ensued.

We just needed some cards. 'Go fish' anyone?

The very beautiful Katie...

All of the ladies looked fabulous, and were toting beautiful bouquets of flowers too.

I love this picture...

Never miss an opportunity to play...

Brent and Katie and some clever ideas for decorations at their reception. I like the buckets!

Time to dance!

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