Monday, October 5, 2009

Everyone else was Joe Montana, I was Bernie Kosar

Growing up in Southern Indiana in the late 80's, there was no one I would rather be in a game of football than Bernie Kosar. All of the other kids I played with were Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Bo Jackson, etc. etc. And with good reason. But I chose Bernie. My buddies would always reply with a resounding "WHO?"

Bernie wasn't your typical quarterback. He lacked the style, grace and mechanics that a pro quarterback "needed", but boy could he win games. And that's why I liked him so much. I like the under-dawg.

This YouTube video is a perfect example of what I mean:

Yes Bernie, the quarterback position is a "result oriented position, in a result oriented world," and you did it best.

I always dreamed of meeting Bernie and getting an autograph. I was close once, when my family drove to Ohio in the late 80's to visit family for summer vacation. We went to the Browns training facility and watched a practice. Bernie didn't practice that day, but it was the closest I got...until now.

My brother-in-law told me that Bernie was going to be in Bloomington at a Longaberger Basket Party of all things. Apparently he's the Celebrity helping sell a new line of NFL team logoed baskets. Didn't matter. This was my chance.

I took my son Aaron with me to meet Bernie. When we walked in, it was packed, and we were 2 of maybe 8 guys in the whole building...including Bernie.

We promptly got in line to meet Bernie, we got to shake hands, he high-fived Aaron and signed some autographs. He liked my son's #19 Kosar jersey, and he signed it!

Bernie, if you're reading this, thank you for signing some cards, and my son's jersey. It was a pleasure to finally meet you.

Go Browns!