Monday, January 30, 2012

Two teams, two championship games

I once again volunteered to coach Biddy Basketball for Eastern. I coached a 1st-2nd grade team with my friend Eric Thompson, and assisted my brother-in-law Jeremy with his 3rd-4th grade team.

Here I am with my assistant, Eric. I'm probably yelling one of three things: "Arms out," "Slide your feet," or "Get between your man and the basket!"

It was a great season for both teams. We both managed to get to the championship games. Unfortunately we lost two very close ones. My team played hard, but just couldn't get the ball to go in the hoop and we lost by just a few points. Jeremy's team gave it their all and wound up going to OT with a nice lay-up with just a few seconds left in regulation. The other team proved to be just a little too much for us in OT and we lost a close one.

It was a fun year, none-the-less. The kids improved throughout the year. I hope that's because they learned something from me. I still haven't had any calls for filling a coaching position in the Big 10...

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