Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kevin and Amy are Married!

Kevin and Amy were married on a sunny October 24th day in Bloomington, Indiana, at the beautiful St. Charles Catholic Church.

We had a great day with Kevin and Amy and their families. The day started off with Amy and her girls. The mood was really light and relaxed. Everyone was having a great time!

We then got to hang out with Kevin and his entourage. The guys were funny to be around. It was great for shooting candid natural-looking pictures!

After the guys, we re-focused on the ladies. Here are some stunning portraits of Amy.

The colors in Amy's bouquet were fabulous.

I love this picture of all of the lovely ladies.

The father of the groom, just taking it all in.

Here comes the bride!

The ceremony was a traditional Catholic ceremony and Mass.

Amy's sister sang a beautiful song during the ceremony!

It was really touching to see the happiness on Amy and Kevin's faces when her sister sang.

I love the mood of this picture.

After the ceremony it was time to prepare for Kevin and Amy to be treated as celebrities, showered with bubbles and the flash of the paparazzi.

Kevin tries to look as manly as possible holding Amy's bouquet.

We stepped outside to take advantage of the gorgeous day. The sunlight was amazing as it lit the leaves in the trees, creating dramatic light and shadows. I just love the color and texture of these pictures.

This was the first time we ever shot "jumping" pictures. The motion in the picture is so fun to look at. I was surprised at the hang-time some of the ladies had!

The cake was beautiful!

I love the texture and color of this picture.

Father and daughter share a tender moment during their dance.

We certainly didn't have to twist Kevin's arm to retrieve the garter.

Does anyone plan on picking it up?

Thank you Kevin and Amy for choosing us to photograph your beautiful wedding. You are an amazing couple and we wish you the very best as man and wife!