Monday, August 6, 2012

Adam and Ruthann Tie the Knot!

Adam and Ruthann were married Saturday, July 28 on a beautiful Lawrence County summer day. We were honored to photograph their special day. My wife and I are friends of Ruthann and her family, and have known Adam since they began dating.

The wedding was held at Fayetteville Baptist Church, a few miles west of Bedford, Indiana. I am familiar with this church because I attended services there several times during my college days, and my twin brother and his wife were married there almost 10 years ago to the day.

Ruthann, the beautiful bride.

The bouquet was beautiful as were the purple and gold decorations that adorned their wedding.

Adam, the lucky man.

The girls gathered one last time before heading to the ceremony.

Adam's sister provided the bride some last minute comfort to ease the nerves.

Make way! The wedding is about to start!

Ruthann's niece performed the duties of flower girl to perfection. Not a petal out of place!

Adam patiently waits to see his bride march the aisle.

Adam and Ruthann had a very touching ceremony. Tissues were needed to make it through the vows. There's no doubt that Adam and Ruthann are very much in love.

You may kiss the bride!

We spent some time after the ceremony to get some photos outside in the beautiful sunshine.

Save some for the honeymoon!

A picture perfect picture of a perfect picture.

Congratulations to the happy couple. May God bless you both as you start your life as man and wife. Thank you for allowing us to take part in your special day.