Saturday, March 21, 2009

Down time with the fam

We got together for my mother-in-law's 29th (wink, wink) birthday today. We got some much needed relaxation. I like down time because it gives me a chance to just fiddle with my camera and take pictures of my family. Any photographer will tell you, they like to experiment with different camera settings to discover new or personally never tried techniques. My wife is typically my test subject, or my son (who loves to say "cheese," but continues to play as if I'm not there). This time I was my own test subject. (Apparently this is the only pose I know how to make. Look at my profile picture. Geez.)

I had a great time tossing the pig-skin with my nephew. He's definitely a tough guy as this picture illustrates.

My wife...the chocoholic. Her philosophy: Dessert isn't dessert unless it is chocolate.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kids will be kids

I love photographing children! I know parents must think the photo shoots are a nightmare for me when their kid isn't "cooperating." But the beauty of photographing children is capturing them as they are! I don't mind when a child goofs off a little long as they don't crash into my equipment, of course.

Kids will be kids. I just take what they give me. To me this is a priceless opportunity to capture their real smiles, real giggles, and yes sometimes real tears. My wife is a great assistant. She loves to play with the kids during the shoot, providing well-timed distractions, allowing me to keep my eye to the view finder. We're a really great team.

Sometimes we go through a few of these...

before we get to some of these...