Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tyler and Kayla Tie the Knot!

Tyler and Kayla were married last Saturday in Bedford, Indiana. It was a bright and sunny day loaded with the typical Indiana summer heat. Despite the forecast, we still captured some pretty cool pictures of their wedding. We got things started off with the guys.

When we arrived, we could see that we were in for a fun time.

Tyler and his merry men.

The man of the hour.

Next, we took some time getting pictures of the ladies making some last-minute preparations before the big show.

Kayla, the beautiful bride...

Kayla's mom, keeping a close eye on the pin...

The gals got ready in a preschool room. Most of the time, I've noticed, as the ladies get ready for a wedding there is a stereo playing in the background to get ready by. Kayla said they looked the room over for a CD. The best they could come up with was Miley Cyrus.

We found a nicely-lit spot to get some gorgeous shots of Kayla. Here are a few of my favorites.

The lovely ladies...

We were just a few minutes from show-time when I got this nice shot of Kayla reviewing her vows.

Giving a few last-minute instructions to the Ring-bearer...

The moment we've been waiting for. Here comes the bride.

I loved the high ceiling.

There was no twisting Tyler's arm to kiss his bride.

The happy couple made their exit into a shower of bubbles.

Good looking crew, eh?

We spent some time with the newly weds to capture some sweet candid moments.

Time for the reception toasts...

Tyler and Kayla make a really great couple. They looked great together as they danced their first dance.

That's one proud Dad...

A sweet moment with mother and son...

Heads up! Who's going to grab the bouquet?

Cue the music, will ya?

Time to PAR-TAY!

Tyler and the guys broke a sweat as they broke it down...

Poor dad, tapped out...

I love to get the rings and go to town with some cool shots.

Congratulations Tyler and Kayla! Thank you for allowing us to photograph your special day. God bless you both in your new life together as man and wife!